игры разума домино 12 прохождение

Gameplay There are a total of 5 different game types in Domino Master, most of which are intensely satisfying.

The worst one is definitely 'Mexican Train'; who the hell would sit playing a single game of dominoes for 3 hours?? You sit there for either 10 or 13 rounds placing domino on your train.

I don't even think the people that like playing dominoes would enjoy this. There are a number of features that I really enjoyed in this game.

I'll admit that the 'All Threes' game type was the best one, but even that's me being generous. They hardly EVER have to pick up dominoes from the pile, they just seem to have the correct one all the time. When they win they smile at you and look all smug.. I'll mention my favourite later on, but easily the second best feature of the game is the ability to rearrange your dominoes into a certain order.

I found this extremely helpful, especially when I had two dominoes and I found it hard to figure out which one I would put down in my next turn.

If it wasn't for this feature my Domino Master experience would have been ruined.

The third best feature is how whenever you score points you slam the domino on the table.

Even better is how when you win you smash the domino down so hard that the domino is now firmly embedded into the table.

I adopted this customary "slamming" into my weekly domino tournaments with my friends at the library, only I got so excited I broke the table in half while simultaneously climaxing.

As embarrassing as it was, I feel everyone should experience this at some point in their lives.

One of the worst things about the game is the music.

Yea I know you can turn it off in the game menu, but to be fair that music shouldn't be making my ears bleed in the first place.